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VICTORY! Schedule & Workshops

A One-of-a-Kind Conference Schedule & Workshop Session Selections

FRIDAY, May 20, 2016 beginning at 6:30pm



The registration desk will be open between 4:30-6:15. You will be provided with a schedule, a name tag, and a map of the campus.



You are among Rooftop Friends.


Evening Worship

A dynamic worship service led by Terry MacAlmon. During this time of anointed worship those in need of emotional, spiritual, or physical healing can receive from the Lord's healing presence.  



SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2016 begining at 9:00am



If you did not register or check-in the night before, the registration desk will be open between 8:00-8:45am. You will be provided with a schedule, a name tag, and a map of the campus.


Morning Worship

Your spirit longs to soar! Receive the Holy Spirit's refreshing water, and let your spirit be revived as Terry MacAlmon leads us in life-giving worship.


Opening Session

Intimate to Militant - Break through the barriers of intimacy with the Lord and behold His face again. Find worth, peace, and His resurrected life as He quickens your spirit afresh to His heavenly call.

Theatrical Worship

Cinderella – a worship experience like no other!

Lunch and Fellowship


Flying with Rooftop Friends

Honk! Laugh your way to life-changing experience.


Workshop Sessions

There will be two workshops sessions. Choose any two from the following:

1. The Extravagance of Love - The power and authority of love.

2. Single & Ready - Meeting His choice for you.

3. Rekindle the Fire!  - Receiving or renewing your Holy Spirit baptism.

4. Marriage - Both a tango and waltz.


Afternoon Sessions


• The Victory of Losing: It's time to stop living in fear.

• Everyday Evangelism a Push to Pray: Making each day a rescue.


Final Anointing

Each attendee will receive a personal prayer and be anointed with oil.


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