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About the Victory! Conference

What is the VICTORY! conference about?

The Victory! Conference is a Spirit-filled, Christ-centered gathering of women to glorify Christ Jesus and equip His saints for victory. The conference includes Biblical-based worship, teachings, and exhortation. However, more important than all of this is the experience of His presence. The purpose is not to complete an agenda, but rather to receive His anointing.


We will gather as individuals to touch the Lord and drink of His living water. 


As a group we will celebrate others as they receive the same blessing.


For more information on the topics that will guide our journey of faith, go to: VICTORY! Schedule & Workshops.


VICTORY! is a gathering of His full body. It is not affiliated with any denomination or any individual church. However, should a group of attendees from a specific church or denomination desire to meet as a group during one of the breakout sessions, a private conference room may be reserved. For a list of VICTORY! groups and breakout sessions details, go to: VICTORY! Groups.


We are all busy. The idea of leaving our obligations for a conference seems extravagant. But what if it lightened your load? What if it equipped you with His provision of peace, joy, hope, and destiny? What might happen if you suspend your focus on what you can touch and look to the Power of the one who holds the stars apart and calls you by name?


There is something more than what we touch and live every day, and indeed, it is the better half.


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